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iPet Control Solution

iPet Control Solution
iPet Control Solution
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IPETCS iPet Control Solution is a liquid solution used with the ipet Control system.

IPETCS iPet Control Solution is used as a control liquid for the performance of the iPet meter, testing technique, and test strips. iPet meter is used to test blood glucose levels.


Glucose is the body’s major source of energy as this simple carbohydrate circulates the blood. The normal level of blood glucose, also known as sugar levels, within the dog is 75-120mg. A canine with high levels of blood glucose is known to have hyperglycemia. In a healthy dog, a hormone known as insulin regulates blood sugars as the pancreas releases this hormone when glucose rises. Low levels of insulin or insulin defiencey will result in high blood sugar levels.

Hyperglycemia can be caused by diabetes, diet chances, hormonal changes, pancreatitis, and infections of the body. Diabetes mellitus is characterized by an absence of insulin which is normally produced by the endocrine system of the pancreas. In canines, two subcategories for diabetes are prevalent; insulin resistant diabetes and insulin deficient diabetes. Insulin resistant diabetes is usually caused by a hormonal drug or medical condition which transforms the body to resist the needed insulin. Insulin deficient diabetes is a destruction of the cells which produce the insulin; these cells are part of the pancreas.  

The signs to look for include; excessive hunger, loss of body weight, increased urination, and increased thirst. After a certain point in time the aliments will worsen resulting in depression, vomiting, anorexia, and lethargy.


Middle aged to senior aged canines are at a higher risk to contract hyperglycemia. Females tend to contract this condition more often than males but the reason is unknown.  Even though any breeds of dog can develop this condition, breeds known for their petite stature are at greater risk. Small canine breeds including dachshunds, beagles, miniature poodle, schnauzers, and cairn terriers.


1. When would I need to conduct a Solution Control Test?
If this is the first time you are using your Blood Glucose Monitoring System.
If you have purchased a new package of Test Strips.
If you are using your meter and are sceptical of the results.
If the blood glucose levels are abnormal for your pet.
2.  What variables could cause the control ipet system to show negative results?
Error in performing the test
Expired or contaminated Control Solution
Meter malfunction
Improper coding of the Meter
Expired or contaminated Test Strips

Product Cautions

Keep out of reach from children.

To check blood glucose in animals only.

PET: Do not allow pets to ingest product. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.

HUMANS: Not to be used in humans. Avoid swallowing product or allowing product to enter into eyes.
If Swallowed: Immediately contact a poison control center to be instructed of the situation. Offer water to affected person if said person is in a state of consciousness. Do not encourage the individual to vomit unless instructed by a medical physician.  
If in eyes: If product residue affects the eyes, keep the affected eye open while flushing said eye with water. If individual wears contact lenses, remove the contact and continue flushing eye for five minutes. Continue to cleanse the eye for 20 minutes and contact a medical physician if irritation occurs.
If on skin or clothing: Remove the contaminated clothing immediately and begin washing the skin for 20 minutes. Continue to cleanse the skin with soap and water as you seek advice from a medical professional.

Storage and disposal

Storage: Store product between 39 and 86 degrees F.

Disposal: Dispose un-used or empty containers as directed on the label. Never re-use containers and always recycle or dispose. If you have any questions, contact your local medical waste agency for directions or contact 1-800-CLEANUP for additional information.

AlphaTRAK is the generic comparison/alternative to iPet control brand. AlphaTRAK is a slightly larger devise but works in the same efficiency to monitor the blood glucose levels of cats and dogs.


How it Works

iPet control solution is a combination of colored dyes and non-reactive ingredients to verify accuracy of the blood glucose monitor.

Introduce a Test Strip into the port end of the meter with the contact bar side first. Once the strip is inverted, the meter will turn on with a beep and display a bar code.  

Once you view the symbol on the screen, press the “M” bottom for a short while. You may let go of the button once the screen displays the "ctl" symbol.  Once this symbol appears you may now place the control solution.

Take away the cap to the solution bottle and clean the tip with a sanitary cloth.  For best results do not use the first drip which leave the bottle of solution.

Place a pea sized drop of Control Solution on a non-absorbent, yet clean surface. Apply the solution sample in the meters well for three seconds until you hear a beep.  The test has now begun and a result will appear.

Compare results with the Test Strip vial.

Before testing make sure solution has been set at room temperature and that the meter is set at control mode (ctl).

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