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Yard Spray Concentrate

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Yard Spray Concentrate by Virbac is an insecticide concentrate used for use on outdoor surfaces in order to prevent tick and flea infestations.


Yard Spray Concentrate kills fleas and ticks on the outdoor surfaces, such as lawns or backyards. It is one of the means to prevent external parasite infestations in animals, along with topical products.


Fleas are the parasitic insects that attack humans and animals in order to feed with their blood. Fleas are very fertile; within only one day of their first blood meal on the host, they lay numerous eggs. Their life cycle is completed in four stages, when they develop into adults. The entire cycle lasts for only two to three weeks. Fleas are barely visible by the naked eye, but they move around very quick and are very difficult to detect. In order to suck blood, fleas have to bite and chew through the animal’s skin. Those actions cause a great deal of discomfort for the animal. As a result of severe itch, the animals are biting and scratching the affected areas of the skin, causing the visible irritation with redness, swelling and crusts. Flea feces are usually visible as small black dots between the hairs. It is often – besides the itch – the only visible sign of flea infestation in animals.

Ticks are spider-like parasites that survive by feeding on blood of humans and animals. Their life cycle has four stages. Adults attach themselves onto the skin of an animal or a human and start sucking blood. Ticks are visible between the hairs, especially after they have fed since they grow in size as they feed. Ticks usually cause mild local irritation of the skin around the attachment area. However, in severely infested animals ticks can cause anemia. Young and debilitated animals are especially sensitive to complications of tick infestations.


Flea bites are often associated with allergic reactions and severe skin infections. In young and debilitated animals, fleas can cause anemia. They are the transmitters of tapeworms.

Tick bites cause anemia and allergic reactions in certain cases. Their main significance lies in the potential to transmit various viral, parasitic and bacterial diseases, such as Lyme disease, Babesiosis, Lyme disease or Ehrlichiosis.


Animals of all breeds are susceptible to external parasite infestations.


1. What is Yard Spray Concentrate?

Yard Spray Concentrate by Virbac is a potent insecticide solution used to treat outdoor surfaces such as backyards or lawns to kill fleas, ticks and other pests.

2. How does Yard Spray Concentrate work?

 The active ingredient of Virbac’s Yard Spray Concentrate is Esfenvalerate, a potent insecticide from the class of pyrethroids. Esfenvalerate paralyzes and kills the insects. It also works as a repellent. If Yard Spray Concentrate is used regularly and in combination with topical insecticides for your pets, it can significantly help in prevention of future reinfestations with fleas and ticks.

3. How is Yard Spray Concentrate used?

Yard Spray Concentrate in intended exclusively for outdoor use on surfaces such as lawns or backyards. It should never be applied on the skin of animals or humans. Yard Spray Concentrate comes with a hose end sprayer. It is attached to the hose to spray the concentrate across the desired surface. It is usually necessary to repeat the procedure in 7 to 14 days intervals.

4. Can I apply Yard Spray Concentrate on my pet as well as on the outdoor surfaces?

Yard Spray Concentrate must not be applied directly onto the animal’s skin. It is not intended for use on animals or humans. Yard Spray Concentrate is meant only for treatment of outdoor surfaces and facilities, such as dog kennels, lawns or yards.

5. Should I treat the fish ponds with Yard Spray Concentrate?

Yard Spray Concentrate must not enter the water with live fish. Esfenvalerate, the active ingredient of the concentrate, is highly toxic to fish. Do not treat fish ponds with this product and avoid contaminating the water when using Yard Spray Concentrate.

6. What are the side effects of Yard Spray Concentrate?

Yard Spray Concentrate can be harmful in case of accidental ingestion, inhalation or skin absorption. It usually causes only mild irritation, but it is important to help the exposed persons or animals and seek medical or veterinary help if the irritation persists.

7. Does Yard Spray Concentrate cause damage to the grass and other plants?

Yard Spray Concentrate does not cause damage to the grass and other plants. However, it is not advisable to use it on plants used for human or animal food.

Yard Spray Concentrate is intended only for outdoor use on surfaces such as yards and lawns. Keep this product away from children and pets.

Do not apply Yard Spray Concentrate onto the animal or human skin.

Yard Spray Concentrate can cause irritation in case of accidental ingestion or inhalation. It causes mild irritation of it enters the eyes or is absorbed through the skin. In case of accidental human ingestion, do not induce vomiting and sip fresh water. In case of skin or eyes exposure to Yard Spray Concentrate, rinse affected areas of the body with running water and remove the contaminated clothes. In case of accidental inhalation, move to the area of fresh air. Seek medical attention in case of any persistent and serious health issues caused by exposure to Yard Spray Concentrate.

Yard Spray Concentrate is highly toxic for fish and other water organisms. Do not treat or contaminate fish pond water with this product.

Do not treat plants used for human or animal food with Yard Spray Concentrate.


Yard Spray Concentrate must be stored in a cool and dry place, always kept in a closed container. The container with Yard Spray Concentrate should not be reused. If the entire amount of Yard Spray Concentrate has not been used, contact the local waste agency to seek further instructions for disposal.


There are numerous brand name and generic variations of Esfenvalerate available on the market. They contain variable amounts of the active ingredient, in certain cases combined with other insecticides. Those brand name and generic variations have different purposes and uses. The quality of these products may vary, as well as their price, packaging and formulations.


The active ingredient of Virbac’s Yard Spray Concentrate is Esfenvalerate. It is a synthetic insecticide from the class of pyrethroids. Esfenvalerate interferes with the electrical activity of the insect’s nervous system, causing permanent paralysis and subsequent death of the pest. Esfenvalerate also works as an effective repellent for various pests.


It is very important to follow the instructions for use of Yard Spray Concentrate provided in the product label. The concentrate does not require additional mixing. An appropriate hose-end applicator with sprayer is provided with the product. It is advisable to mow the grass-covered surfaces one to two days before treatment with the Yard Spray Concentrate.


Yard Spray Concentrate can be applied through the hose (with the help of provided sprayer), watering can or a compressed air sprayer. One bottle of this concentrate is suitable for treatment of approximately 6000 square feet. The area that needs to be treated is sprayed with slow, sweeping motions, ensuring that the entire surface is covered. Avoid spraying plants intended for food, cooking utensils and exposed food. Do not treat fish ponds with Yard Spray Concentrate. It is best to repeat the treatment in 7-14 day intervals in order to avoid future infestations. The pets should be simultaneously protected with topical and/or systemic antiparasitic products.


The active ingredient of the Yard Spray Concentrate is 0.44% Esfenvalerate.


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