Fleas and ticks in dogs and cats can wreak havoc on your pet's health, and your entire home, if they are not checked and treated.


One of the best ways to control such infestation is by using frontline. Frontline plus is an easy to use treatment method for stopping the spread of ticks and fleas. Basically, frontline for dogs may be used by opening the packet and using a scissors to cut through the child safe safety pack.


Snap the applicator from the main part of the unit and keep it in a vertical position. Using frontline for cats and dogs is easy. Begin by applying the solution from shoulder to shoulder. Gradually apply the rest of the applicator to the remainder of the body.


Keep the frontline plus application on, and do not wash your pet for at least a day, preferable two. How to control fleas and ticks is no longer a problem for pet owners, since frontline covers your pet's body and collects in the oil glands, enabling it to spread naturally. Apply frontline for dogs or cats, and groom your pet until the next application. You can treat your pets with frontline once every one or three months, to control fleas and ticks in pets.