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Ulcergard, distributed by Merial, is a once-a-day ant-acid paste to be used in equine.

How it Works
Omeprazole, the active ingredient in Ulcergard, inhibits the gastric pump decreasing the amount of stomach acid produced by the horse.

Ulcerguard reduces the acidity within the stomach of the horse, preventing gastro-ulcerations.


A horse’s stomach continuously produced acidifying stomach bile to digest the species vast diet of greens. Grass, hay, and various other foods are highly known to contribute high acidity, resulting in ulcerations, sporting events contribute to these levels.  In fact, research has proven over 60% of horses have been reported with stomach ulcerations and 90% of horses engaging in racing activities. A horse with a gastric ulcer will display symptoms such as; poor performance, poor body condition, dull hair coat, diarrhea, colic, and a decrease in appetite. The stomach contains natural acidic bile fluids used to digest food. In some incidences the acidity can become too great causing irritation to the esophagus due to failed epiglottis closure, ulcerations, indigestion, or adverse reactions to particular medications. Medications are administered orally to pets in order to neutralize the acids, providing relief of the acidic formations. Ulcers form within the stomach due to the natural protective lining breaking down over time. Once the natural lining has been broke down, the acids begin eating away at the stomach lining, causing red opened wounds called ulcers.

A healthy pet requires attentive care and dedication from his/her handler. Pet handlers should be aware of the aliments related to stomach ulcers include; weight loss, anemia, abdominal pain, elevated heart rate, weakness, and melena.

Horses which encounter stressful situations on a regular basis are the most prone to developing ulcers. Race horses, performance horses, and sporting horses are at the highest percentage for gastric ulcers. The Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, Arabian, Paint, and Appaloosa are just a few of the common breeds to develop this condition.


 1.When should I give my horse UlcerGard?
Administer product prior to a stressful situation such as competition, stall confinement, travel, showing, racing, or training.

2. What should I do if my horse has adverse effects from the product?
Pet owners should stop medication administration and contact a veterinary medical professional immediately if any adverse reactions appear.

3. What happens if I miss a dose?
a.)Administer dose as soon as you remember, however do not give two doses in one day.

4. What happens if I over dose my horse?
Over dose reactions are rare. In case of accidental over dose seek emergency attention.

5. What medical conditions may affect this medication?
Tell your veterinarian if your horse has heart, liver, or kidney disease.

6. Will Ulcergard treat my horse’s gastric ulcers?
No. this product is used as a preventative, not a cure.

7. How do I know my horse has ulcers?
A veterinary examination will be necessary to know for sure if your horse indeed has ulcers. The veterinarian may advise a camera scope placed within the stomach to view complications.

8. I administered the paste medication, but my horse just spits it out. Is there an action I could do to insure swallow?
There are a variety of things a person can do to insure the medication is swallowed.
Insert syringe further into the mouth.
Follow medication with water.
Follow medication with a treat or food.

9. I have been administering Ulcergard to my Mare for days and found out she is pregnant. Will this product harm the colt?
Consult your veterinarian promptly as this product has not been researched for use in pregnant females. Discontinue use and watch for any adverse reaction.

10. Should I administer Ulcergard before or after my horse eats?
A horse needs the high acidity of stomach acids to digest the harsh foods they eat. Administer product at a time in which the horse will not eat for several hours. Ask your veterinarian for additional information.

Product Cautions
Not for use in horses under 600lbs.

Keep out of reach from children.

Not labeled for use in pregnant or lactating females.

Horses: Not intended to treat gastric ulcerations. Use in Foals has not been extensively studied. Used in horses weighting more than 600lbs. Do not use said product in meat horses.

Humans: Do not consume product. Contact a medical physical immediately if ingestion has occurred.


If Swallowed: Contact a poison control center immediately as emergency care may be needed. Do not encourage personnel to vomit substance unless directed by a poison control center representative. If the affected individual becomes unconscious, locate the nearest emergency medical center immediately.
Storage: Store product at temperatures between 68-77 degrees F.

Disposal: Empty containers should be disposed of as directed and never re-used. Recycling or garbage disposal is viable as directed upon product label.

Brand name Ulcergard has a generic formation known by the name, omeprazole. Both of these products contain the same active ingredient but at different concentrations. Horse owners are advised to take great care in selecting a product as the generic formation is commonly used to treat, not prevent ulcerations.


Setting the syringe:
Unlock plunger by turning locking ring ½ turn. Slide ring down.
After matching horse weight to appropriate dosage, turn grooved ring down to the appropriate notch.
Remove cap and place syringe into the corner of the horse’s mouth.
Inject medication.
*Remove any materials that may be in the horse’s mouth prior to administration.

Individual syringes contain paste for four, 600-1200lb horses daily.

HORSE WEIGHT               DOSE       
Less than 600 lbs             Consult a veterinarian       
600-1200 lbs                   1 dose per day       
Over 1200 lbs                  2 doses once per day    
*Treatment 8-28 days.


Ingredients: omeprazole

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