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Temaril-P tablet is an anti-puritic, anti-intussive, anti-inflammatory product. Combing the effects of both trimeprazine and prednisone, this product is used for itch relief and cough. Temaril-P is labeled for use to both cats and dogs.

How it Works
Temaril works in a variety of ways to suppress the production of histamine and reduce inflammation. The active ingredient Trimeprazine works to block effects of histamine where as the ingredient prednisone reduces inflammation.

Temaril-P’s antipruitic/anti-inflammatory formula treats cases of eczema, otitis, and dermatitis. The antitussive element in this product cures cases of kennel cough, tracheobronchitits, and bronchitis.

Kennel Cough is a combination infection of the bacteria Bordetella bronchiseptica and the canine parainfluenza virus. Kennel cough is characterized as an infection of the upper respiratory tract as sneezing and coughing is released turning the infection to an airborne state. A dog can become infected with kennel cough through nose to nose contact with another dog, a contaminated food or water dish, or from being placed in close proximity to an infected dog. The affects of kennel cough will put the dog’s health at risk and tends to spread to other dogs very quickly, which makes a veterinary visit at the at most importance. A dog affected by this condition will display a number of symptoms and signs of contraction. The signs to look for include; vomiting, gagging, asthma similar symptoms during exercise, snorting, sneezing, retching, coughing, and nasal discharge.

Bronchitis and tracheobronchitits is an inflammation of the bronchi as well as the trachea organs located deep into the tissues of the lungs. In humans bronchitis is caused by respiratory complications due to a common cold or bacterial infection. In pets bronchitis is most often caused by bacterial infections or secondary atmospheric irritants such as perfume, smoke, cigarette smoke, dust, or air fresheners. A pet with a bronchitis infection will display a harsh cough, excessive saliva production, an unexplained gag reflex, and an abnormal sound during times of breathing.

Allergies are an overreaction of the body’s immunity. Histamine is a nitrogen compound naturally found within the body. This specialized organic structure functions in the immune response and is triggered when foreign pathogens enter the body. This response of histamine is a neurotransmitter, inflammatory response caused by a signal from the brain. As this message is passed to the brain, the skin may swell, itch, and develop hives or a rash due to the contamination of said pathogen. Common conditions which cause the production of histamine includes; dermatitis and otitis.

The term Dermatitis refers to inflammations of the skin. Derma- means skin and –itis means inflammation. Contact dermatitis therefore means the skin has become inflamed or irritated due to an outsource in which it has made contact with. Although skin irritants may seem like a minor condition some pets have high reaction rates, spreading the rash to the entire body. Contact dermatitis appears as a rash or small blistered bumps that may crush over. These irritations commonly appear on non-protective areas of the body such as the muzzle, under belly, groin, toes, and inner ears.

Otitis Externa is defined as an infection or inflammation of the canal of the ear. Symptoms of an ear infection include; shaking of the head, redness of the ear tissues, pawing or scratching of the ears, head tilt, slight deafness, pain when eating, pain when yawning, and pain whilst the jaws are being handled.

Pets suffering from infections to the skin or lungs are in a great state of discomfort. Pet owners and handlers can relive this discomfort by treating their pet aliments. Pet aliments which coincide with these infections include; harsh cough, excessive saliva production, shaking of the head, redness of the ear tissues, pawing or scratching at themselves, and visible skin infections.


Otitis Externa is a non-specific to any breed, age, or gender of dog the condition is however more common to those dogs with long ears covering the ear canal. Bronchitis and tracheobronchitits is none-specific breed but do occur more in pets in polluted areas.


1.What should I do if my pet has adverse effects from product?
Discontinue use of the product and seek medical attention.

2. What adverse side effects should I be aware of while administering this product?
Occasional bloody diarrhea, vomiting, elevated SAP levels, osteoporosis, delayed healing time, suppressed cortical function, nitrogen balance negativity, loss of potassium, and sodium retention.

3. While using this product to treat my dog’s kennel cough, do I need to be concerned about infection to me?
No, Kennel cough is extremely contagious t other dogs but not to humans.

4. How long does it take for the affects of this product to work in my pet?
There is no set duration in time in which this product will take effect due to its wide purposes.

Product Cautions

Keep out of reach from children.

Hazardous to use in pregnant or lactating females.

For use in animals only.

Pets: This product used in the last trimester of pregnancy has been reported to cause dystocia, fetal death, retained placenta, and metritis.
If Swallowed
: Immediately contact a poison control center and seek advice. If the affected person is in a state to swallow, offer them to sip a glass of water. Unless suggested by the doctor at poison control centre, do not encourage the person to vomit. If the affected becomes unconscious, do not administer anything though their mouth.

Storage: Product should be stored at room temperatures not exceeding 77 degrees F (25 C).

Disposal: Do not re-use empty containers. Consign it to trash or look to the possibility of its recycling. Unused or leftover of the container should never be disposed in any drain. Seek help of local solid waste agency or call up 1-800-CLEANUP for instructions concerning disposal.

Temaril-P tablet is an anti-puritic, anti-intussive, antiinflamotry product. Combing the effects of both trimeprazine and prednisone, this product is used for itch relief and cough. Temaril-P is labeled for use to both cats and dogs. There is no generic form of this product.


Federal law makes it mandatory for the user to use the product strictly as per the instructions contained in the packaging.

Dogs and cats:
Temaril is administered orally.
Place product tablet behind the tongue of the pet’s mouth to ensure swallow.
Tablets may be placed in food.
Note: after four days of use dosage is to be reduced by half of said original dose.

Weight of Dog    Initial Dosage       
Up to 10 lb    1/2 tablet, twice daily       
11-20 lb    1 tablet, twice daily       
21-40 lb    2 tablets, twice daily       
Over 40 lb    3 tablets, twice daily    

Contains trimeprazine tartrate, phenothiazine tartrate (2:1) equivalent to trimeprazine, 5 mg, and prednisolone, 2 mg.

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SEPTEMBER 21, 2015

REVIEWER: They work for skin allergies - by 

Living in FL, my westie has horrible skin sores from everything that's outside...finally gave up on all that I was doing preventatively - and went with Temaril. She is hot/thirsty/hungry constantly.