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Puralube Vet Ointment

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Puralube Vet Ointment is an ophthalmic ointment used in equine, canines, and felines.

Puralube Vet Ointment is a petrolatum sterile ophthalmic lubricant that helps prevent eye dryness and soothe irritation. This product is also used while a pet is under anesthesia.


Dry eye and eye irritation are a common aliment in pets as it is in humans. Airborne irritants such as pollen, dirt, wind, or chemicals can harm the eyes. Dogs and cats have a specialized structure within their eyes known as the third eye or nictitating membrane. The third eye acts as a defense devise as the membrane slides back and forth to each corner of the eye covering the majority of the eye’s orbit. The third eyelid keeps its shape by the T shaped structure which curves in the rounded formation of the eye. The tissues which act as the framework of the third eyelid are filled with tiny follicles of  lymphoid structures, which aid in trapping dirt. Although the nictating membrane is helpful in removing debris from the orbit, this structure must have a lubricant for easy movements. The third eye structure must work with the tear duct or lacrimal gland, as tears accumulate to allow easy movement across the eye’s orbit. A condition known as puncta refers to a blockage of the tear ducts due to damage or infection, prohibiting said function to happen. A pet with this condition will display symptoms such as; wind and light sensitivity, pain, redness, scratching of the eye, and facial rubbing.
 A pet’s eye lashes can also play a role is eye irritation. Although eyelids are highly useful to the mammal, they can also be manipulative. A common condition causing self infliction to the eye is an Entropion. An Entropion is a condition is which the skin of the eyelids inverts inwards. Some pets are born with Entropions where as other develop the condition later on in life. The condition is painful and highly irritating due to the lashes of the eyelid scratching the orbit. An Entropion can occur to one or both of the eyes or eyelids.

Pets which are ailed with dry or irritated eyes develop aliments such as; wind and light sensitivity, pain, redness, scratching of the eye, and lastly the pet will resort to rubbing his face along the ground.


All breeds of equine, canines, and felines can acquire eye irritation. Pets which are lower to the ground tend to develop more eye complications due to the levelness of eye to ground ratio.


1.What steps should I take if my pet has adverse effects from product?
Discontinue use and contact your veterinarian promptly.

2. Can this product be used in cats and dogs?

3.  I have two dogs; can I share medication between the two of them?
No. sharing medication can cause eye infections.

4. I noticed after I have used the drops for a few days, the product looks cloudy. Has it gone bad?
Yes the product has gone bad, do not use it.

5.  Will my pet’s eyes appear better after using this product?
Pets will begin to show clearer eyes within 6-8 weeks.

Product Cautions

Keep product out of the hands of children.

Product is not intended for human use.

Product is to be used with veterinary consent.

Read the entire content of the label before each use.

Products handled improperly can become hazardous to both humans and animals. Read label instructions carefully and follow accordingly.

PET: Not to be used in pregnant or lactating females.

HUMANS: Keep out of reach from children. Not to be used in humans. Do not ingest product. Contact poison control center immediately if ingestion occurs.

If Swallowed: Immediately contact a poison control center to be instructed of the situation. Offer water to affected person if said person is in a state of consciousness. Do not encourage the individual to vomit unless instructed by a medical physician.  

Storage and disposal

Storage: Store at 15° - 30°C (59° - 86°F).

Disposal: Dispose un-used or empty containers as directed on the label. Never re-use containers and always recycle or dispose. If you have any questions, contact your local medical waste agency for directions or contact 1-800-CLEANUP for additional information.

Generic products contain the same active ingredients as their brand name comparisons. Brand name comparisons may be more costly than generic brands, but storage regulations are strictly followed. Through proper storage and good handling, generic equivalents work at the same effect rate as name brand products.

How it Works
Puralube Vet Ointment forms a protective layer on top of the eye’s surface,  provides lubrication to the eye, and protects drying of the eye.
Administer drops as needed to cure dry, irritated eyes.
Do not touch eye with tip of dropper applicator.
Do not share product.

1 to 2 drops per eye.
Administer on an as needed basis.

Active Ingredients       
White Petrolatum    Light Mineral Oil

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