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ProZyme for Dogs and Cats

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ProZyme for Dogs and Cats - 454 gm
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ProZyme for Dogs and Cats, distributed by Lambert Kay, is a lactose free enzyme supplements.

ProZyme for Dogs and Cats breaks down the nutrients from food to support absorption.


Vitamins and minerals are an essential part of the body’s nutrition. Vitamins and minerals are readily available within the food in which pets consume. As humans we are aware of a healthy balanced diet and what it means to have a healthy meal. Pet’s may not receive these same kinds of balanced meals and may require additional support. Vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the body when the pets eat. As the pet consumes food, the body begins to break down the solid, separating fatty acids, proteins, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, water, and toxins. As the food reaches the stomach and intestines, these essential elements are absorbed through the organs wall and into the blood. Some pets may not receive an adequate amount of nutrients sue to lack of food or poor quality of food. A pet which is not receiving adequate nutritional values will display symptoms such as; hair loss, poor hair coat, weight loss, digestive complications, dry skin, dry eyes, weakness, poor immunity, and stunted growth.

Pet owners should be aware of the importance of the nutritional requirements for their pet. Pet owners should always read pet food labels completely to ensure adequate nutrition. Avoid products which contain additives, by-products, and ingredients which you do not recognize. Whether pet owner chooses to use wet food, dry food, or home made foods; all products given to their pets should be wholesome in value. Speak with your veterinarian about proper dietary needs for your pet.