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Proin Chewable Tablet

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Proin Chewable Tablet, manufactured by PRN Pharmacal, is phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride tablets used in dogs.

Proin Chewable Tablets are used to treat dogs with urinary incontinence.


Urination is the natural process of filtering waste products from the blood and passing said products through urine. Once the bladder becomes full, it signals the brain through wall contractions. The message is received and the expelling of balder begins. Urination includes voluntary and involuntary muscle contractions. Meaning, the body controls when we need to urinate (involuntary) but we can control when we urinate (voluntary). For some pets, however, urination is completely involuntary as the body allows urine flow at inappropriate times.

Urinary incontinence refers to the inability to control urinary flow. A pet which cannot control his or her urinary functions can be frustrating to an owner. The cat or dog may not be able to hold the urine for an amount of time causing urine to flow to the floor. The control of the urinary bladder can be due to conditions of the balder development at birth, a tumor causing pressure to the urinary bladder wall, an inflammatory disease, overactive bladder syndrome, or urinary tract infection. Other conditions which can lead to incontinence are those elements which control the bladder such as brain lesion, spinal lesions, or nerve conditions.