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Phenylbutazone Tabs 1gm

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Phenylbutazone is indicated for the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal disorders, including muscular sprain and strain, muscular overuse (including both muscular damage and strain/damage of the tendons attaching muscles to bone), tendonitis, acute joint injury/strain/sprain, and arthritic conditions. 100 x 1 g Tabs Anti-inflammatory drugs do not cure musculoskeletal problems. They do control the inflammation, thereby helping to decrease the ultimate damage and scarring, and making the horse more comfortable during the painful periods. Pain and inflammation control also serve to make movement more comfortable. This helps prevent any permanent decrease in range of motion of the affected areas so that they do not become too "scarred down." Pain control/exercise must be carefully counterbalanced with the veterinarian's instructions to limit stress and avoid reinjury or worsening injury to damaged areas. Phenylbutazone also is often used to help control pain from injuries, infections, laminitis, or virtually any other source of pain. Its effectiveness under these conditions will vary widely, depending both on the individual horse and the cause of the pain. It is a reasonable first choice drug for pain control. Phenylbutazone also is often used to control the fever associated with viral or bacterial infections. Its use under these circumstances may mask the severity of the problem and/or any worsening of symptoms. It should only be used when the veterinarian has determined that symptoms are severe enough to prevent normal eating/drinking, and/or that they are otherwise interfering with the horse's recovery.

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