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Perio Support
Perio Support
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PER3 Perio Support, manufactured by Vetri-Science, is an aromatic powder used to support dental health.

PER3 Perio Support is a daily powder to aid in fresh breath and clean teeth in cats as well as dogs.


Dental care is so important when it comes to our pets, but so many owners forget this step in pet care. Improper dental care can affect a pet’s eating habits, behavior, temperament, and adjacent organs. Pet owners should practice dental care daily to prevent tooth decaying elements to build up in the mouth. When a pet chews food, the teeth and saliva work together to break it down in order to be digested but the food that is not swallowed remain between the teeth. The remaining food within the mouth becomes cemented to the teeth due to the mineral elements in the saliva. If this cemented food remains in the mouth for duration of time, bacteria will begin eating away at the deposits.The bacteria may remove the cemented food from the teeth but they also remove the outer layers of the tooth. A healthy tooth is made up of four basic structures; the enamel, the dentin, the cementum, and the pulp. These structures all act as structural support systems to the powerhouse of the tooth, the pulp. The pulp contains tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. If the bacteria decompose these protective structures this leaves the pulp open for foreign contaminants. When the tooth becomes infected, the bacteria can eventually seep into the blood stream, floating freely throughout the body. This infection leads to secondary complications to the heart and kidneys.


A healthy mouth results in a healthy pet. Pet owners require time and patients to assist their pets with proper dental hygiene. Improper dental health leads to blood infections, bad breath, infected teeth, bone and tooth loss, and change in eating habits.


Small breed dogs and cats are highly prone to dental complications and are the most common pet to receive a dental procedure done by a veterinarian. This includes small dog breeds such as the Chihuahua, Highland white terrier, the toy poodle, pug, affenpinscher, beagle, Bichon fries, Boston terrier and several others.

1.What should I do if my pet has adverse effects from product?

Discontinue use and contact your veterinarian promptly.

2. How do I administer Perio Support?

Perio Support is dispensed in an easy to use shaker for pet owners to sprinkle the powder of the pet’s food.

3. How often should I use Perio Support?

Give Perio Support with each meal.

4. If I practice dental care at home, can I stop paying for dental procedures from the vet?

Keep in mind pets should have a similar dental plan as people. People practice dental care at home but still proceed to go to the dentist for problems we do not notice. This same practice of having occasional dental checkups should transfer over to our pets.

5. How do I know I am brushing my pet’s teeth correctly?

Pet dental care takes time and patience. Talk with your veterinarian to instruct you on proper technique. There are also resources online to instruct you as well.

6. Does my pet’s food affect his dental health?

Yes, soft canned food accumulates tarter build up more than dry food.

7. What is the best way to get my pet to open her mouth for me to brush?

Allow the pet to smell and taste the product. This product is flavored like food and most pets will open their mouths willingly.

8. This is my pet’s first time using a tooth brush, how can I safely retrain her?

It is normal for a pet to squirm when introducing something new. A safe and calming way to restrain a pet is to wrap a towel around them. A good wrapping technique used is called the burrito wrap; wrap your pet just like you would a burrito.

9. A tooth fell out while I was brushing my cat’s teeth, did the product cause this?

No, just like people a pet will lose his teeth to be replaced with mature ones. Contact your veterinarian if the tooth appears rotten or several teeth fall out at once.

Product Cautions

Keep product out of the hands of children.

Product is not intended for human use.

Product is to be used with veterinary consent.

Read the entire content of the label before each use.

Products handled improperly can become hazardous to both humans and animals. Read label instructions carefully and follow accordingly.

PET: Not to be used in pregnant or lactating females.

HUMANS: Not to be used in humans. Keep product away from children. Avoid eye contact and ingestion of product.


If in eyes: If product residue affects the eyes, keep the affected eye open while flushing said eye with water. If individual wears contact lenses, remove the contact and continue flushing eye for five minutes. Continue to cleanse the eye for 20 minutes and contact a medical physician if irritation occurs.

Storage and disposal

Storage:  Store product in a cool, dry place away from moisture.

Disposal: Dispose un-used or empty containers as directed on the label. Never re-use containers and always recycle or dispose. If you have any questions, contact your local medical waste agency for directions or contact 1-800-CLEANUP for additional information.


Generic products contain the same active ingredients as their brand name comparisons. Brand name comparisons may be more costly than generic brands, but storage regulations are strictly followed. Through proper storage and good handling, generic equivalents work at the same effect rate as name brand products.

How it Works

Perio Support’s specialized formula binds with your pet’s food to prevent food from adhering to the teeth. Preventing bad halitosis and dental decay in your pet’s mouth.


Dogs and Cats:

Sprinkle powder over pet’s food.

Provide for each meal.

Use daily.


1 teaspoon per meal.


Natural Zeolites

500 mg

Cranberry Extract

25 mg

Yucca Schidigera Extract

7 mg


1.25 mg

Zinc (as Zn Ascorbate)

0.8 mg

Lactobacillus Acidophilus

5,500 CFU

Enterococcus Faecium

5,500 CFU


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