Revolution is a topical parasiticide that can be used for dogs that are six weeks or older. The product is also available in one time application tubes.


This solution has the ability to eliminate major parasite attacks like flea infestation, tick infestation, ear mite, hookworm, and roundworm dangers. It is most commonly recommended to treat cases of heartworm in most dogs. If your dog is experiencing parasite issues, be sure to visit the veterinarian for him to identify the culprit.


In cases of the parasite infestations mentioned above, Revolution would seem to be a great solution. Revolution should not be taken orally, and should not come into contact with the eyes. This would be bad for the dog. Apply it on the outer fur and skin to automatically eliminate parasites. A significant amount of the solution will be ingested through the skin and hair follicles, and introduced into the bloodstream to fight internal worm infestations.


Revolution acts by disabling parasites through neuromuscular paralysis that impairs the ability of muscular contraction and eventually leads to the death of the parasites. For best results, do not apply solution when the fur is wet. You have to apply the solution two or more hours before bathing your pet.