Heartworms are scientifically known as DirofilariaImmitus. These parasites can be transferred from one dog to another through mosquito bites, and no other means are responsible for this. This can be transferred when a mosquito bites a dog with Heartworms.


This infestation can easily be prevented, but is very hard and costly to cure. It is best to keep your dog healthy and protected from heartworms. These worms grow into spaghetti-like cylinders that cause problems in the heart. The first issue imposed is the blocking of the arteries, which prevents healthy blood flow. Death of adult heartworms will also cause bronchitis, because they get stuck in the lungs. Further damage would be inflicted in the kidneys, which can be fatal.


The disease is common in warmer places where the mosquito population is vast. Since a cure of the disease is hard and costly, prevention is what you must do. Prevention is better than a cure. This can be done through utilizing several heartworm preventatives that are available in the market, and can be applied on a regular basis: monthly, weekly, or daily.


The medicines that have positive review towards heartworm prevention are Trifexis, Heartgard plus, Revolution, Iverthart, and Tri-heart. You must consult your veterinarian in order to choose the best preventive medicine for your dogs.