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Gastrogard, distributed by Merial Co., is an oral paste used for Equine ulcers.
Gastrogard is used to prevent and treat gastric ulcerations in horses older than four weeks.

The stomach contains natural acidic bile fluids used to digest food. In some incidences the acidity can become too great causing irritation to the esophagus due to failed epiglottis closure, ulcerations, indigestion, or adverse reactions to particular medications. Medications are administered orally to pets in order to neutralize the acids, providing relief of the acidic formations. Ulcers form within the stomach due to the natural protective lining breaking down over time. Once the natural lining has been broke down, the acids begin eating away at the stomach lining, causing red opened wounds called ulcers.
A horse’s stomach continuously produced acidifying stomach bile to digest the species vast diet of greens. Grass, hay, and various other foods are highly known to contribute high acidity, resulting in ulcerations, sporting events contribute to these levels.  In fact, research has proven over 60% of horses have been reported with stomach ulcerations and 90% of horses engaging in racing activities. A horse with a gastric ulcer will display symptoms such as; poor performance, poor body condition, dull hair coat, diarrhea, colic, and a decrease in appetite.